How would you spend your

extra hours?

take that yoga class
read the chapter you've been stuck on
don't worry, dinner is ready to go
Discover what you can do with an extra hour in your week!

What is twenty-fifth hour?

Children Doing Headstands

This funny thing called life - it's full of beautiful moments, surprises, messes and mayhem!  Days fly by, schedules fill up, projects remain unfinished and downtime becomes but a dream. Sometimes the daily hustle is just plain overwhelming! We desperately want to keep it all together, but life isn't perfect and neither are we!

We've all been there; the house is a mess, you haven't eaten all day and still have dinner to prepare. Your boss sends you another file to complete before the weekend and someone is tugging at your side while you're trying to check out at the grocery store.  Your mind is spinning just thinking about the appointment you forgot to reschedule, the skates that need sharpened and the gift you need to purchase and wrap for tomorrow.  You know, those moments in life that make us think "if only I had another me"!


Twenty-fifth Hour Concierge is just that! Well, were not exactly "another you,"  but we're the next best thing! We'll help pick up the pieces, add the finishing touches and get you organized.  We'll assist with the paperwork,  get dinner ready and be the catch-all helpers in the background making sure the project, event or special occasion goes off without a hitch!  We help you free up time to catch your breath and enjoy your one and only life. We're your twenty-fifth hour!

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