Our promise to you...


As a concierge, we're regularly entrusted with sensitive and confidential information in order to provide you with personal and business services. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.  We promise to keep the information you share with us private and take the necessary precautions and care to safeguard it.  Before hiring Twenty-fifth Hour for services that require the exchange of private information, a confidentially agreement will be signed and a copy provided to you for your records. We will use the methods of electronic communications you feel most comfortable with and discuss how and where your information is stored.  From time to time we may request permission to profile a service we've provided to you for marketing purposes, but will only do so with prior approval and written consent.


Twenty-fifth Hour personal and business services are covered by a commercial general liability policy including blanket bond coverage and privacy protection.  Proof of insurance is provided upon request.


We understand that when it comes to concierge service, time is money.  We promise to provide services to you as efficiently as possible while maintaining quality of care.  Occasionally assigned tasks require more time than previously thought.  In these circumstances, we will notify you of the additional time needed to complete the job, and obtain your approval before billing more hours  to complete the project.

Compassionate Care

As a concierge service we're in the business of helping.  What help looks like will be different for everyone, as will life circumstances and budgets.  Life is beautiful - but it's also chaotic, messy, expensive and difficult. We've all been there in one way or another. It's our job to meet you where you're at right now, and with compassion. To provide services that are relevant and address your individual needs. Our mission is to provide you with a greater quality of life....if even for a day.