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 Senior Support +

The seniors in our lives deserve  attention, care and compassion. They've cared and provided for us and in turn they deserve the support they need to thrive and enjoy their lives as they age.


As children of seniors we want to know our parents are still living purposeful lives; to know they're doing things they enjoy, that they have someone checking in on them, that they're safe and eating properly. We want to know they're getting out of their homes to appointments, to their favourite coffee shop, to see friends or enjoy an activity.


Senior woman with her caregiver at home.

Often seniors have non-medical needs that fall outside of what support workers and families can realistically provide.  Especially those still living on their own and who covet their independence.  By offering senior support we help to bridge this needs gap.  We work to ensure your loved one has that extra assistance with day-to-day tasks, and the reassurance of knowing they have someone to call if they require help in your absence. Services include, but are not limited to:


  • To medical, financial and personal care appointments

  • To run errands - prescriptions, post office etc.  

  • To attend social events and functions

  • To go shopping

  • A leisurely drive, or to visit a favourite place 

Meal planning & food preparation 

  • Dinners for one made in their home

  • Freezer meals 

  • Picking up ready-made meals and special treats


  • Calls or personal visit to seniors home to check on their wellbeing

  • Check for repairs to be made, groceries, etc.

  • Companionship

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Senior support services are best suited to our Priority Program