Introducing Business Services

Twenty-fifth Hour goes beyond personal assistance at home - and into the workplace.


Introducing our services to your organization is a great way to provide employees with benefits that address the everyday challenges of work/life balance, and go far beyond your typical employee "perk." Benefits that help reduce employee stress, increase focus and productivity, improve corporate culture and position your organization as a progressive employer that attracts and retains great talent.


Twenty-Fifth Hour also provides support to businesses when they require occasional or short-term help to get through a busy season, a big project or to catch up on administrative tasks. This service provides the flexibility of knowing someone is available to help without the overhead of hiring a permanent employee.

Blue Leather Chair

Internal Services for Employees

Whether you want to build a comprehensive benefits package for your employees or buy them a Block of Time, our services help relieve some of life's stressors and keep your employees more focused on their work. Take their car to the body shop, run their dry cleaning, grab them lunch, pick up groceries, buy that gift they haven't had time to pick out!

Young Businesswomen

An Assistant for your assistant

Often one of the hardest working people in the office!  Show your appreciation for their efforts by giving them a little assistance!  Someone to run their errands, pick up lunch or grab their groceries!  A great gift for Administrative Professionals Day!

Female Developers

Employee Morale

Want to celebrate a co-worker's birthday or have an exceptional employee of the month? We can help keep up employee morale by being the crew that curates the fun details at the office. From themed lunches to planning staff meetings or booking team building events. When your employees are happy, your clients are happy!


Employee for a Day

Do you run a small business and need some extra support to finish a project, get you through a busy season or address some neglected filing? Enjoy the flexibility of hiring an employee for the day or on a causal basis whenever you need a little extra assistance.

Man Working at a Desk

Desk Assistant

For the employee that goes above and beyond, or needs a little help balancing it all. We can offer some desk assistance to organize, clean or just take a load off for an employee in need.  A great way to reward any staff member.

Girl Holding Take-Away Coffee

Morning Coffee

Have an early meeting? Crunch time at the office? Allow us to deliver the coffee and breakfast to keep your staff full and attentive at their desks and in the boardroom