This package is specifically designed for those who travel and want the peace of mind knowing that certain tasks are being done in their absence, that their home has been checked for weather damage and that their residence appears "lived in".  Home insurance policies vary, but many will not cover damages to your home unless someone was assigned to check your home in your absence (examples: flooding, frozen pipes bursting).  The Peace of Mind package eliminates this issue and provides reassurance that you are protected.


This service includes:

  • 3 home checks
  • Homeowner assigned tasks such as: watering indoor/outdoor plants, collecting mail/flyers/newspapers, bringing any front door deliveries into the house, bringing in garbage and recycling, feeding the cat and cleaning kitty litter, alternating lighting, adjusting temperature, running water to prevent frozen pipes, checking for leaks or water events.
  • Status reports sent to the homeowner


*In the event that you require additional assistance due to issues at your home, our regular hourly fee of $35 will apply.




Peace of Mind Package

  • We will contact you to confirm your address, dates and service details.  We will arrange for key pick up or keypad information, and to complete a key/code authorization form.  We will also sign a confidentiality agreement at your request.