As the big day approaches and the plethora of gifts pile up between your home and office, gift wrapping quickly becomes less of a festive activity and more of a daunting task!. Leave the creativity, cutting and taping to us! We'll wrap your gifts to suit the people receiving them.

Service includes:

  • 3, 4 or 5 hours of gift wrapping
  • The option to supply the paper and ribbons or we can pick out some options as per your request and budget.
  • Ideal for 25+ gifts.


*additional time is billed at our regular hourly rate of $35



Twenty-Fifth Hour Idea: Why not host a wrapping party with your friends? Each friend pitches in for the service and brings their gifts to an evening or afternoon filled with festive treats and beverages. Better yet, combine it with a cookie exchange and knock another job off your list! Your guests leave with a little holiday joy in their bellies, a great selection of Christmas cookies and gifts that are wrapped and ready to put under the tree! We also highly recommend businesses or professionals gift this service to their staff or clients!

Gift Wrapping