It is my mission to provide you with
a greater quality of life
if even for a day
- Healy Balzer

How do we measure happiness? Is it the depth of our pockets or the quality time we spend with friends and family? Do we value our time like we value our possessions? Are we really living and enjoying our one and only life? We work so hard to do and have it all - but at what cost?


These are some questions that Healy asked herself when she sought out to start her business. The concept of giving people back some time, being of service and improving the quality of their lives, became the foundation on which  twenty-fifth hour was built.


If Healy could take a load off someone; perhaps ease their mind by helping a loved one, relieve some stress on a special day or provide somebody with the opportunity to catch their breath - that was an endeavour worth pursuing.


There is no task too small or moment too awkward for Healy and her team. They come from a place of compassion and empathy. They understand the value of time and the importance of efficiency, confidentiality and a job well done.

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