House Minding 

regular home checks

water plants

collect mail, set out garbage & recycling

cut grass & light yard work

alternate lighting

check voicemails

regular check-ins with homeowners

check on vacation properties or assist with rental properties

pick-up friendly pets from the kennel prior to arrival home

stock fridge and prep food before arriving home


Meals & Home Management

meal planning (biweekly or monthly)

organize and clean out refrigerator & freezer

shop in store for groceries or order and pick up

pick up your specialty food items & ready-made meals

deliver and unpack groceries

wash and prep produce

bake and prepare snacks

home organization: closets, garage, cupboards, home office

wait services: utilities, repairman, deliveries

schedule home maintenance and seasonal services

assist with sourcing housekeepers or other services


Pet Services

check-ins, bathroom breaks and feedings

dog walking

transporting and accompanying friendly dogs and cats to vet

transportation to and from groomers

transportation to and from kennel

feeding and cleaning out litter boxes

Errands & Scheduling

shopping for:

(gifts, items for home, garden & office, items for children supplies)

returns and exchanges 

pickups & deliveries 

taking items in for repair:

(clothing, jewelry, equipment, computers)

prescription & other drugstore pickups

post office, library and bank runs

purchase tickets & other online items

drop/pick-up dry cleaning 

take items to consignment or thrift store.

delivering vehicle for service, detailing or tire changes

scheduling appointments or activities for:

(medical, financial / lawyer, hair & spa, massage, vehicle service

home repairs & utilities, lawncare & other seasonal tasks

golf / racquet sports, veterinarian, kennel and other pet services,

house & carpet cleaning, home improvement services)


projects: school, home, garden, renovations

gifting: unique ideas, sourcing for group or individuals

finding a good local retailer, service, source etc.

venues: for a special occasion, event, party, gathering etc. 

price and feature comparisons, product availability 

details for hosting an event, party, occasion

vacation: hotel & flight details, rental car, transportation

personal interest topics

personal & home services: plumber, contractor, designer, phone providers, realty & agents, movers, cleaners etc.

activities & getaways: ‘boys’ / ‘girls’ weekends, child's birthday, adult birthday, celebrations, anniversaries 

childcare: finding details regarding daycare, pre-school, babysitting, extra-curricular activities etc. 


find a moving company

source moving supplies

help purge and sort unwanted items

disposing of unwanted items or delivering them to thrift /consignment stores


organize meals before, during, after moving

sourcing house cleaners, carpet cleaning services or equipment

waiting at new residence for utility hook-ups and deliveries

unpacking and organizing at new residence

restocking fridge with groceries or ready-to-eat meals.

creating new address announcements

Occasions & Events

help with engagements, bachelor & bachelorette parties, weddings, wedding and baby showers, gender reveals 

planning and creating a checklist & schedule

sourcing venues

sourcing and and sending invites (cards or evites)

pre-party prep, serving, bartending and post-party cleanup


sourcing caterers, entertainment 

sourcing unique concepts: themes, favours, cakes, decorations

music playlists


pickups, deliveries

‘runner’ at event

Dinner Parties & Get-togethers


Invitations (cards/evites), gathering contact information

grocery shopping, purchasing wine & beer

running party related errands

sourcing and picking up specialty items

help with food preparation



overseeing the event

sourcing music

finding accommodations

coordinating transportation home

researching activities and themes


mowing grass & trimming

source and schedule lawncare services

provide home maintenance checklists

source, hire and coordinate seasonal interior/exterior upkeep services

rake leaves

water plants

setup lawn furniture 

purchase flowers and plants

power wash exterior surfaces

maintain and harvest vegetable garden



decorate (and pack up after the holidays)

create table settings for holiday meals

holiday meal ideas, planning & food prep

preparing appetizers and helping with meals

sourcing, booking caterers & venues

purchasing gifts, wrapping and delivery

personalized gift baskets

source hostess or guest gifts

source and purchase creative gift ideas

create Christmas cards online, print, address and mail

purchase Christmas supplies


Senior Support

transportation to:

(medical, financial and personal care appointments, to run errands, prescriptions, post office etc., attend social events and functions, shopping, leisurely drive or visit to a favourite place or visit a friend)

meal planning:

(dinners for one made in the home, freezer meals, picking up

ready-made meals and special treats)


(calls, visits to check in on seniors wellbeing, check for repairs, bills to be paid, groceries)