Collecting Christmas Tree

Deck the Halls

with help from a Concierge! 


Like a personal Elf to make the holidays a little more magical!

The holidays are meant to be a time of celebration, reflection, relaxation, gathering and feasts.  But how many of us end up dreading the season?


Life is already so unbelievably busy - add to that the seasonal "to do's": thinking up gift ideas, shopping, decorating your home, preparing special meals, sending out Christmas cards, hosting parties and of course all those other last minute things you promised this year you wouldn't do or buy! Then, when you finally tick all the boxes you end up missing the fun, joy and the beauty of the holiday season!


This is why we cater specifically to your Christmas task list this time of year, and make it our focus to help you simplify and get the most out of your time. From putting up the decor, fetching the tree, organizing the seasonal trinkets or helping to plan a spectacular feast, we are your personal elves ready to make THIS holiday one to enjoy!

Fruit Pie
Food & Meal Preparations

Helping to prep meals, grocery shopping, tablescapes, purchasing or baking Christmas treats.

Christmas Tree Lights and Ornament
Decor & Ambiance

Sourcing, setting up, decorating and taking down the tree.  Setting out decorations, picking up urn inserts.

Christmas Gift
Gift Wrapping & Shopping

Personal shopping and wrapping.  Gift ideas, last minute help, delivery and stocking stuffing.

Celebration & Party Planning

Holiday cards and invites, safe transportation for guests, help in the kitchen, clean up  decor details.

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Thank you & Merry Christmas!

Family Christmas Tree