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Digital Virtual
Assistant Services

With the workplace evolving at lightening speed and the increasing complexities and challenges of modern day life, employers need innovative solutions for their businesses and employees.

Introducing our business services to your organization is a great starting point. Providing your employees with services that address the challenges of work/life balance go far beyond your typical employee "perk"; they work to reduce employee stress, increase focus & productivity, improve corporate culture and help position your organization as a progressive employer that can attract and retain great talent.

...and Twenty-fifth hour beyond offing services to employees only, we also act as a concierge to your business.  Need some extra assistance in the office, a runner, help with pickups & deliveries or planning an event for employees?  We've got you covered.  All the benefits of an extra set of hands you can call in on an adhoc basis without the overhead and effort of hiring an additional employee.

Digital Virtual Assistant Services


Need a hand with Marketing, Graphic Design, Website Set-up, Social Media, Print Design, On-going Support?

If you need projects completed but don't have room for another body?  We can work with your organization to offer virtual digital assistance, with our Custom Build Your Service Package.


Working with our In-House Digital Assistant Designer, You will automatically lighten your load in the virtual world of digital marketing with opportunity for Brand/Re-branding enhancements.


Inquire directly with us for further details & setting up a quote.

Booking Digital Media Packages Coming Soon!